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Top Prestigious Horse Races Around The World

Developing an interest in horse races? Learn about the biggest horse racing events attended by some of the biggest celebrities and the wealthiest people in the world and most popular on sites like among the last fortunate ones, who cannot afford to go there and get the first-hand experience of the exciting races.

Enrich your knowledge and learn some interesting facts with this list of top esteemed horse races around the globe that will keep you entertained!

Kentucky Derby

This is one of the most popular and prestigious equestrian events in the world! Located in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs and held since 1875, this fancy horse race has even a row of seats designated for the wealthiest and it is called “Millionaires Row”. Being the first leg of US Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing, this event opens the season of racing.

Believe it or not, this annual event happening every first Saturday in May is visited by more than 150,000 people each year! And all of this for the glorious 2-minute sports show!

The Preakness Stakes

Another horse spring event which is held every 3rd Saturday of May makes the people of Baltimore, Maryland quite proud! This annual horse race at Pimlico Race Course was first organized in 1873. The race itself lasts for two minutes and the horses which are not younger than 3 years run on dirt.

Typical to this the Preakness Stakes is the Infield Fest where people can drink booze and party while attending the race. It is the second leg of the US Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing.

Belmont Stakes

The third leg of the US Triple Crown Of Thoroughbred Racing in Elmont, New York is held every first Saturday in a bit warmer month – June. The ultimate victory and success are for a single horse to win all 3 consecutive races.

The Belmont Stakes was first held in 1867 and it is referred to as “The Test Of The Champions” because it is the last one in the US Triple Crown. Even if it is one of the most visited equestrian races, Belmont Stakes also offers cheap tickets, making it accessible to anyone.

The Royal Ascot

For anyone who is looking for a formal horse racing event, the Royal Ascot is the perfect event to attend or watch from the comfort of your home! Unlike the above mentioned US event, this English horse racing event lasts for one week! Attended by the British Royal Family, these races are all you can expect from a royal event! Of course, the races start only after Queen Elizabeth II appears.

However, if you happen to be attending you will have to follow a certain dress code. Many famous people from this country will attend the Royal Ascot and fascinate the world with their attire and of course, hats.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

Known as the Arc, this European horse race is one of the biggest equestrian events on this continent! For those who don’t like hot weather, the Qatar Paris Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is held during the first Sunday of October in Paris, France.

The horses will show off their performance in a flat race at the Longchamp Racecourse. France has successfully maintained this tradition since 1920 and turned it into one of the richest turf races on the planet.