Top Online Horse-Racing Games

A lot of us love horses, and we would definitely love to have one. Unfortunately, owning a single horse is really expensive, not to mention you would pretty much have to live on a farm. In other words, owning a horse becomes a dream that never comes true for a lot of people. Luckily, we can play a lot of online games that have to do with horses, as well as use our Betin Kenya promotion code to bet on their races. Here we have picked a few horse racing themed games that you can play online, and hopefully, get a simulation of the horse, of what it feels like to own a horse, and ride it.


This is an online browser game, and it is free to play. It was developed by Owlient, a French studio and published by Ubisoft. It is a horse breeding simulator, where you get to customize your horse, train it, and then compete with other players. Howrse was endorsed by a variety of high standing equestrians, and even won the awards for “Best Tycoon” in 2008 and “Audience Awards” in 2011.  

Horse Racing Themed Online Slots

In case you would like a slightly different approach to horse racing, you should definitely look up horse racing themed online slots game. Since a lot of horse racing enthusiast like the whole betting aspect of the sport, these games would be the right fit. These are basically virtual slot machine with a horse theme and you can bet as you play.

Race Clubs

Race Clubs is a virtual online browser game that allows you to raise, and train your horse. Furthermore, you can compete in different tournaments and even place bets on your virtual steed. Make sure you get well-acquainted with the game mechanics and visit their forum threads to ask specific questions.

Horse World Online

Another online game that primarily focuses on horse breeding. You will have to ensure your horse grows, that your farm expands, and once you are confident there is a champion in your stable, start competing with other players.

Star Stable

A perfect online game for people passionate about horses and epic adventures. It was developed by Stockholm based company Star Stable Entertainment AB in 2010, and now the player base is over a million. The game is really popular as it is available in 14 languages and in 130 countries. You can do all sorts of things here like taking care of multiple horses, going on adventures and finishing quests, compete in horse races, and just explore the magical world of Jorvik. You can chat with different players, make friends and engage in a lot of different and fun in-game activities. So if you want a horse racing game that is an MMORPG at the same time, pick Star Stable.   

Alicia Online

Alical Online requires you to download their client and launcher in order to play it. So unlike other entries, it uses your internet browser, but it is still an online horse racing game. Again, you will breed and raise horses, level up your character and unlock different horse breeding power-ups and accessories, as you progress. The game looks really good, has a large community, and it is also worth your time.