How Expensive Horse Riding Really Is?

Love for horses can sometimes be costly, especially if you are starting to develop an interest in equestrianism. And we are not talking about betting on them, even if you are considering some Royal Ascot betting offers 2019. Certainly, being around horses is relaxing, beneficial for your mental health and incredibly fun, but what is the cost of it all?

Taking up horseback riding as a hobby is usually typical for people living on ranches or for very wealthy people, and for a good reason. Approximately, hourly rates for horseback riding lessons are somewhere between $40 and $80. Meaning that you will need a lot of money if you plan to incorporate this into your life.

Hobby Or Profession?

Depending on your or your child’s aspirations, this sport can be affordable. If he or she is interested only in casual horse riding you will probably fit the lessons into your budget. However, if you are planning to make this your profession and become a professional equestrian or a racehorse jockey, you will need to invest significantly more money.

Group Lessons

Some horseback riding schools offer group lessons and they are sometimes twice as cheaper than the private ones. If you are lucky enough, you can attend lessons where there are no more than a few people and the instructor can give each of you an equal amount of attention.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a more expensive option, but it comes with its benefits too. You will have your instructor for yourself, progress at your own speed and you can schedule a lesson for any time that suits you. This type of lessons are preferred by adults and are particularly good for everyone who has a bit of social anxiety.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Maintenance of horses can be really expensive. Try to totalize the cost for food, veterinarian, school taxes, hoofs, equipment and salary for people who are working there. It is only logical that these lessons will be expensive, especially if the school has many horses and it is well equipped.

In addition, horses are living beings and some of them can “retire” too. When the horse is too old they will try to find a replacement, and buying and training a yearling is yet another cost. We can keep adding expenses to this list, but the conclusion is the same, the high price of equestrian lessons in completely justified.

Volunteer Work

Some horseback riding schools and stables offer an amazing opportunity where you can volunteer and get a discount or completely free lessons. The chores you can expect there are feeding horses, grooming them, making sure they have water and even cleaning the stables.

If you don’t mind doing these chores, then this might be just what you need to start your horse riding lessons!