Gallop Through Ireland: What Are The Best Trails?

Coastal mountains and low plains are the most notable geographical features of Ireland. The mountain landscape itself is not that high, which makes the countryside walks quite pleasant. Furthermore, low plains make some of the best cross country fields that are perfect for horse riding. Perhaps not the kind of riding you are used to watching when you use your Ladbrokes Cheltenham offer, but, still, very pleasing to your mood. Ireland itself is quite famous for the export of outstanding horses, mostly renowned for their grace, innate physical prowess, agility, and alacrity.

People all over the world are beckoned by the majesty of these emerald landscapes and one of the most popular activities here is horse riding. So, if you love horse riding we definitely recommend visiting Ireland and checking one of these trails.     

Celtic Trails

Visit Celtic Trails, a part of the Irish countryside, a peaceful remote area with great historic value. The beautiful nature here is the very embodiment of the Irish spirit, and the terrain is perfect for trail rides.

If you are a novice rider, you will receive some basic tuition, and you will also get a chance to visit the 300-year-old farmhouse. All of the horses here grew up on this farm and they are all Irish bred. This will be a perfect place for you to unwind after a long horseback exploration of the Irish land.  

Flowerhill Equestrian

For more experienced riders Flowerhill Equestrian offers a great obstacle course where you can hone your skills while enjoying your holiday. The trail features 250 acres of land, a variety of difference fence you can jump over, and over 40 trained horses. The host is a Huntsman and an experienced field master, who will be happy to offer professional advice for tackling some of the obstacles there. Also, there are several great restaurants in the near vicinity, and once you get a need to fill your belly and enjoy quality beer, you should definitely head over there.      

Crossogue Equestrian

If you are looking for a field that is less challenging, or simply an opportunity to have a relaxing, slow-paced horseback ride on a farm field then Crossogue Equestrian is a trail you should go to. It is an amazing place amidst natural surroundings that caters to both adventurous thrills seeking riders and beginners. Before riding you will spend some time inside the stable to have the opportunity to bond with a horse.

Irish West Coast

This is a riding center that became one of the most renowned establishments for horse enthusiasts all around Ireland. Irish West Coast offers one of the best trail herd selections which includes Irish Sports Horses, Irish Cobs, Irish Draughts, and Connemara Ponies. They are mainly picked due to their endurance and well-tempered behavior.

You will also have a wide selection of riding scenery like Clew Bay, which is an ocean beach, and Croagh Patrick steep slopes, which can be quite challenging but very diverse in terms of terrain.  

The area itself holds a special place in Irish history due to its wonderful heritage, and connection to the story of St. Patrick. It is a perfect fit for riders of all skill ranges, as they would be matched with a suitable horse, depending on the type of activity they wish to engage in.