Top Movies Featuring Horse Racing

Horse racing, a sport that many loyal fans bet on using the betway horse racing offers, is often referred to as “the sport of kings”; it has long captured the imagination of many, blending the excitement of the race with the deep connection between humans and horses. This fascination has not been lost on the […]


Is taking care of a horse expensive?

Horse ownership is a dream for many, conjuring images of idyllic rides through the countryside, forming a deep bond with a majestic creature, and the sheer joy that comes from caring for such an elegant animal. However, beyond the romanticised vision lies a practical reality that often goes unconsidered by many aspiring horse owners: the […]


4 Famous Horses in History

A dog might be considered a man’s best friend, but it is the horse who stood by our side through the years. Helping us advance our technology and culture to the level where it is right now, one can argue that we’d never be where we are today if it wasn’t for horses. Horses helped […]


Saddling and Riding Young Horses

Training a young horse is best left to the professionals, but even if you do that, it is still wise to know a thing or to about this process. Learning about saddling and riding young horses can help you avoid training mistakes, and even prepare your horse both physically and mentally for the lessons it […]


The Most Popular Horse Breeds In The World

If you are a horse enthusiast and you like to bet on your favourites using Sportingbet sign up offer you probably know that there are over 300 breeds of horses out there. Some of these breeds are typical to horse racing, flat racing, jump racing or equestrianism, and they come in different shapes and sizes. […]