4 Famous Horses in History

A dog might be considered a man’s best friend, but it is the horse who stood by our side through the years. Helping us advance our technology and culture to the level where it is right now, one can argue that we’d never be where we are today if it wasn’t for horses.

Horses helped us carry our load, fought in wars at our side, they helped us hunt, and they even entertained us. Bettors liked putting their money on horse races for a long time, and today we even have betting bonus codes like royal ascot free bets. There are many popular horse racing events such as the Kentucky Derby or Cheltenham, where horse racing lovers all over the world can gather and bet on their favorite racing horse. Let’s now mention some of the famous horses in history.


The Battle of the Little Bighorn had only one survivor on General George Custer’s side. This mustang was captured in a wild horse roundup and later sold to the US Army Cavalry. The distinguishing feature of this horse was a small white star on his forehead. Comanche participated in frequent battles and sustained 12 wounds. 

Two days after Custer’s defeat, Comanche was found severely wounded and was transported to Fort Lincoln where it spent the next year. It never participated in battles again or did any manual labor, but it did take part in parades until its death in 1891.


One of the most famous horses of the ancient times, Bucephalus was the horse of Alexander the Great. It had a black coat, with a large star on its brow. It got its name from the ox head brand on its haunch.

Bucephalus was first offered to King Phillip who rejected the horse as no one was able to tame it before. Alexander offered to tame a horse, and if he failed he would pay for it himself. He then soothed the horse by talking to him and turning it toward the sun. This worked as the horse wasn’t able to see its shadow anymore, which was the source of its fear.


Trigger is one of the most famous horses that starred in the movies. It was a palomino stallion that appeared in all the 100 TV series episodes and 81 movies starring Roy Rogers. 

When Rogers was making his first movie where he was the lead actor, he was offered one of the five horses for his role. Rogers took the one called Golden Cloud, which he later bought and renamed to Trigger as it was smart and fast. Trigger soon became a star, after being taught different tricks and even becoming housebroken.


The story of Seabiscuit is a story of hope. Unremarkable horse at first, this thoroughbred racehorse won only 10 out of his first 40 races, but later became a champion and a top money-winning racehorse. 

In 1938, Seabiscuit was voted American Horse of the year, and its story was documented in various books and films, some of which were “Seabiscuit: the Lost Documentary”, “The Story of Seabiscuit” and “Seabiscuit: An American Legend”. It died in 1947 at the age of 14.