15 Career Possibilities For Horse Lovers

If you have a profound love of horses and like sports betting with bet365, take a look at our list and opt for a profession that would both make you happy and bring you a substantial income.

  • Vet

As an equine veterinarian, you will be able to treat horses, diagnose them and help with any health-related issue. You could earn quite a bit while doing what you love.

  • Vet Technician

You will have the opportunity to help cure horses and perform different procedures and treatments on horses under the authority of the veterinarian.

  • Equine Insurance Agent

As an equine insurance agent, you will be able to sell different insurance policies to horse owners. These policies will provide coverage for various unfortunate situations and injuries.

  • Riding Instructor

If you have aspirations towards becoming a riding instructor, you will be able to teach riding lessons for a preferred discipline. This amazing job will allow you to meet new people who like horses and help them learn how to ride a horse.

  • Farrier

Do you think that you can take care of equine feet? Being a farrier requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and work. In addition, you need to know that this career is very physically demanding.

  • Broodmare Manager

Basically, what a broodmare manager does is take care of the mares and foals.. If this is your future vocation, teasing mares, assisting foals and being ready for emergency calls will be on your to-do list.

  • Jockey

For this occupation, you will have to learn how to ride a racehorse and lead it in the proper manner in order to assure you two win the race.

  • Bloodstock Agent

By becoming a bloodstock agent you will buy and sell Thoroughbred horses on behalf of your clients, evaluate the pedigree and make assessments for a good (or not so good) buy for your clients.

  • Equine Photographer

Photograph horses in their natural habitat, and if you manage to produce artistic and unique images, you can sell your photos and switch from a hobby to a real career.

  • Trainer

An equine trainer is someone who will work closely with horses and teach them basic commands. This includes: teaching a horse to be walked, to allow being mounted and to be obedient.

  • Racehorse Trainer

Here, the training is directed towards the racehorses. Being a racehorse trainers means that you will prepare horses for the race, design training for horses and take care of their maintenance.

  • Equine Dental Technician

Dental care in horses is very important, so you will have to collaborate with a veterinarian in determining the best treatment for different dental issues and deal with routine teeth checkups.

  • Horse Breeder

The duty of a horse breeder is to produce different breeds of horses and sell them. The income of this profession mainly depends on the breed which is being made.  

  • Groom

This profession has multiple tasks. A groom will supervise the horses, check for the suspicious behavior and if the horse is in need of a vet.

  • Equine Massage Therapist

An equine massage therapist will help relieve muscle pain in horses caused by an injury or sprain, help relieve the tension in muscles and help improve blood circulation.