4 Famous Horses in History

A dog might be considered a man’s best friend, but it is the horse who stood by our side through the years. Helping us advance our technology and culture to the level where it is right now, one can argue that we’d never be where we are today if it wasn’t for horses. Horses helped […]


Saddling and Riding Young Horses

Training a young horse is best left to the professionals, but even if you do that, it is still wise to know a thing or to about this process. Learning about saddling and riding young horses can help you avoid training mistakes, and even prepare your horse both physically and mentally for the lessons it […]

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Top Prestigious Horse Races Around The World

Developing an interest in horse races? Learn about the biggest horse racing events attended by some of the biggest celebrities and the wealthiest people in the world and most popular on sites like among the last fortunate ones, who cannot afford to go there and get the first-hand experience of the exciting races. Enrich […]


15 Career Possibilities For Horse Lovers

If you have a profound love of horses and like sports betting with bet365, take a look at our list and opt for a profession that would both make you happy and bring you a substantial income. Vet As an equine veterinarian, you will be able to treat horses, diagnose them and help with any […]


Into The Equestrian World: 3 Olympic Sports For Horse Lovers

Equestrian sports are a part of The Olympic Games even since 1900, although the rules and the disciplines were a lot different than what they are today. People who have been following the sports for ages and who enjoy Florida derby betting as a pastime can tell you all about those differences! One of the […]


Win Or Lose: Is The Race Horse Aware Of The Outcome?

Horse racing is a sport where both jockey and a horse train together, compete as a team, and they share either victory or defeat. Yet we cannot help but wonder, how does the whole experience look from the horse’s perspective? Do they know what is at stake? Do they get competitive on their own, or […]


Top Online Horse-Racing Games

A lot of us love horses, and we would definitely love to have one. Unfortunately, owning a single horse is really expensive, not to mention you would pretty much have to live on a farm. In other words, owning a horse becomes a dream that never comes true for a lot of people. Luckily, we […]


6 Awesome Facts About Horse Racing

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of equine races? Then you must know some of these facts about horse racing! This sport has a rich history and rules that you couldn’t even imagine. Let’s see some of the fun facts about horse racing! Equality In Horse Races Did you know that equine racing […]


The Introduction To Virtual Horse Racing

What are virtual horse races and why so many people love them? Well, imagine that you are placing a bet on a horse in a race with the help of the Cheltenham betting offers, where you don’t have to wait for a photo finish and you don’t even have to wait hours for the race […]


Expenses You Can Expect When Owning A Horse

Getting a horse – sounds dreamy and incredibly fun. No matter if you have always wanted one or you can’t help but fall for the tears of your child, you need to know how BIG of a responsibility this is. Not only will you have a lot of obligations if you get a horse, but […]