Top Online Horse-Racing Games

A lot of us love horses, and we would definitely love to have one. Unfortunately, owning a single horse is really expensive, not to mention you would pretty much have to live on a farm. In other words, owning a horse becomes a dream that never comes true for a lot of people. Luckily, we […]


6 Awesome Facts About Horse Racing

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of equine races? Then you must know some of these facts about horse racing! This sport has a rich history and rules that you couldn’t even imagine. Let’s see some of the fun facts about horse racing! Equality In Horse Races Did you know that equine racing […]


The Introduction To Virtual Horse Racing

What are virtual horse races and why so many people love them? Well, imagine that you are placing a bet on a horse in a race with the help of the Cheltenham betting offers, where you don’t have to wait for a photo finish and you don’t even have to wait hours for the race […]


Expenses You Can Expect When Owning A Horse

Getting a horse – sounds dreamy and incredibly fun. No matter if you have always wanted one or you can’t help but fall for the tears of your child, you need to know how BIG of a responsibility this is. Not only will you have a lot of obligations if you get a horse, but […]


3 Tweaks To Make Horse Racing Fun For New Generations

Horse racing is definitely not as popular as it was way back in its prime, and there are many different factors that led to this – one of them are the amazing Cheltenham betting offers 2020 which can make horse racing even more entertaining. However, the entertainment industry itself has significantly evolved, and young people […]


Best Europe Destinations For Horse Race Enthusiasts

Do you want to have the best vacation ever and spend it watching horse races around Europe? Then stick with us and choose the most appealing place for your next trip to Europe where you can enjoy watching equestrian sports live, as a real horse-race enthusiast should! Let’s take a look at the list of […]

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Nutrition And Feeding Guide For the High Performance Of Race Horses

The quality and quantity of food you feed to your horse, and also timing of the meals, will greatly impact the performance and the health of that horse. Deficiency of some important nutrients can cause injuries in racehorses and sometimes even some serious health issues. This is why nutrition and feeding are as important as […]


Beginners Guide To Recreational Horseback Riding

Are you considering to start recreational horseback riding? It is said that love towards this sports lasts a lifetime, the same as the love for horses! If you lack the confidence and you are not completely sure that you will manage, then what you need is a proper introduction to equestrianism. Stick with us, and […]


Gallop Through Ireland: What Are The Best Trails?

Coastal mountains and low plains are the most notable geographical features of Ireland. The mountain landscape itself is not that high, which makes the countryside walks quite pleasant. Furthermore, low plains make some of the best cross country fields that are perfect for horse riding. Perhaps not the kind of riding you are used to […]


Healing With Horses: What Is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

A bond between men and horses has existed throughout the centuries, as these animals have proven more than essential for our survival and prosperity. Throughout history, we have used horses in the fields of agriculture, transport, military, sports, and even medicine. History of EAT You are probably less familiar with the use of horses in […]